Why it’s a Bad Idea to Swim in a Inflatable Hot Tub

The hot tub has been used since the time of the Egyptians. For centuries, many have enjoyed the comfort of having the body pampered by hot water that eases tiredness. Surely, people who tried this kind of experience enjoyed the luxury of it. There is nothing that can describe the feeling of hot water that helps the body relax.

Many years back, the hot tubs were awkward and heavy, but now we have the inflatable hot tub. But else did you know Why it’s a bad idea to swim in a inflatable hot tubs?.

Here are the reasons behind that.

Hot Tub Allergies. 

It is referred to as hot tub Folliculitis in medical terms. This allergy results from the effect of a certain bacteria which appears in your hot tubs if chlorine and pH levels in water don’t balance. The bacteria is called Pseudomonas, and it causes blisters, rashes, and itching bumps, but in most severe cases, it might cause frizzy hair loss, scarring, and even boils. Again, these are generally induced by improper chlorination. These kinds of bacteria may cause an enormous problem.

Lung Infection.

There are many bacterias and germs that can travel into a human’s body through steam. These are main causal of lung infections. In the case of the inflatable hot tubs, these bacteria can only be there if your water is untreated. Moreover, it still boils down to maintenance. One of these lung infections is the Legionnaire’s disease and is detrimental as it can cause fatalities.

Genitalia infections.

Un-chlorinated water might cause penile herpes. You can get this by sitting or swimming in the plastic coated area of the inflatable hot tub. if you decide to swim in hot tub, just make sure you wear swim goggles, even though we highly advise you not to do so! (See our list for the best swimming goggles)

Pregnancy side effects.

The warmth of the water from the hot tubs may adversely affect the brain of the unborn child. Also, there have studies which cite hot water from the tubs as dangerous as it has high risks of miscarriage and also can cause birth defects.


Over soaking in hot tubs may cause dehydration effects. If you wish to take more time in the inflatable hot tub, offer a 10 minute period in each 20 little soak time. Also, keep your temperature below 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

May cause drowsiness.

Make sure that you aren’t under the influence of both alcoholic drinks and medicines before swimming in the tub. They might cause drowsiness, which may conclude in drowning. It is also strongly recommended that you should talk to your doctor first before getting a dip in the tub when you are taking medication of any kind.

So make sure that your water is always treated to avoid these contamination which may lead to these health hazards.

Inflatable Hot Tubs, as like any other device or appliance, may have health hazards. But always keep in mind that these health dangers can be quite easily avoided with good care and maintenance.

As well, experts strongly suggest that you should check with your doctor before soaking if you have any medical problems, and talk to a medical expert if you notice anything uncommon happen after your bathe to avoid medical and physical inconvenience.

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